The food is healthy, fresh, tasty and delicious. It is predominantly served in a buffet style with a wide selection of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, dressings and sauces. At the retreat, you will eat onsite at the resort and also have the opportunity to go out to eat at restaurants in Ubud for dinner.

on Sunday August 11 by katrina

The food on this retreat is incredible!

Each meal has been custom created specifically for this retreat by highly trained detox spa chefs. The food on this retreat is all about eating the wide range of real foods, that come direct from nature. These are the foods that your body knows and loves!

We are 100% confident that you are going to enjoy the food on this retreat - It's abundant, delicious and beautiful. The tastes, the colours and the presentation are something that we are especially proud of and cannot wait to share with you!

You will leave this retreat feeling inspired about creating healthy and delicious food for yourself, when you return home...

* We try to cater for all food requests, so please just let us know your dietary requirements when you book.


on Sunday August 11 by katrina